Christmas Greetings from the Accademia Alfonsiana

Christmas Greetings from the Accademia Alfonsiana


L’annuncio ai pastori, Bruges ca. 1525-1530 (World Digital Library)

(Chistmas 2019) – During this Holy Christmas season, as an Academic community, we give thanks to God the Father for this year of grace that marks the Platinum Jubilee of the life of our Institute. The words from the Holy Father Francis’ address to us during the private audience on the February 9, 2019, still echoes in our hearts and minds, inviting us to do moral theology in fidelity to the magisterium, encouraging us to listen to the cry of the voiceless, without fear of getting our hands dirty.

To enliven this message of Pope Francis to us, as an academic community we are working on several fronts,

– the first is to initiate a broad theological reflection based on the thoughts offered by the Holy Father by listening to the cry of the poor of our time;

– the second, a possible launch of a summer school, to help deepen the experiences of the participants on some of the current moral theological themes;

– finally, a fundraising in support of our teaching, research and academic activities (cf. Help us to make the Academy grow).

Christmas is the celebration of life. It is the feast of joy and sharing. At this moment  we ask of your prayerful support, accompanying us to carry forward together the projects of the Alphonsian Academy .With these sentiments dear students, collaborators, teachers, confreres and benefactors, I wish you all my most fervent wishes for a very blessed Christmas and a happy new year.  Let us with certainty be assured that the God who became a child, may always give us the joy and strength to bear witness to the his love.

Alfonso V. Amarante