Thank you for supporting the Alphonsian Academy

Thank you for supporting the Alphonsian Academy

Together as a community we are celebrating
the 70th anniversary of the Alphonsian Academy

The Alphonsian Academy is a premier Institute of Moral Theology, contributing to the development, research and growth of Moral Theology by means of academic programs, publications, seminars and courses at various levels.  In the words of the Holy Father as he greeted the Academy on the Jubilee day,  “Let the Alphonsian Academy not be afraid to dirty it’s hands doing moral theology in dealing with the concrete problems of today”.   The Academy has come a long way and has had its ups and downs, but by the Grace of God is going strong to face the challenges of today.  We write to you dear friend requesting you to be us in our journey.  We have few suggestions for your consideration, at the same time we would be happy to hear from you too.

  1. As our friend or a former student, we ask you to make our Institute known, by publicizing the site on the social pages, where our training proposal is presented in the service of Moral Theology;
  2. By adopting a mini project, to help our students, where by you can support us with the purchase of educational material or electronic equipment, to improve our training programs;
  3. You can help us create a fund towards the support of the needy students. We have students from 5 continents and several of them come from very poor countries too.
  4. You can help us with supporting a project to revamp some academic ambience and facilities, to be of better service to the students;
  5. By supporting our Journal Studia Moralia, which can be subscribed via the website, you can help us continue carry forward the legacy of St. Alphonsus, the patron of Moral Theology, in today’s context.

With your contribution, we will be able to ensure that our Institute will continue to offer the Church competent and qualified professors, men of science, witnesses and missionaries of the gospel.

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