ANNO III (2015), AN011 – Roma, 16 dicembre 2015

La misericordia come orizzonte etico

di Stefano Zamboni

Zamboni22ALa parola di Gesù: «Siate misericordiosi, come è misericordioso il Padre vostro» (Lc 6,36) ha un significativo parallelo nel Vangelo di Matteo: «Siate perfetti come è perfetto il Padre vostro celeste» (Mt 5,48). In ciò Gesù fa eco all’antico comandamento: «Siate santi, perché io, il Signore, vostro Dio, sono santo» (Lv 19,2).
La richiesta di Gesù è dell’ordine della perfezione e della santità. Non però di una perfezione pensata a partire da un ideale irraggiungibile e astratto; né di una santità intesa come purezza distaccata e assoluta. Alla santità e alla perfezione richiesta al discepolo, Gesù ha dato il volto della misericordia. L’etica cristiana, pertanto, se vuole rimanere fedele alla consegna del Signore, deve porsi all’altezza della misericordia che egli rivela e richiede…
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Inquietudini della Misericordia
Pagine scelte di Letteratura sulla Misericordia
di Cristiana Freni


Descrizione dell’opera


Fr. Andrzej S. Wodka C.Ss.R. preaches the annual retreat
for the Bishops of Poland (Częstochowa, November 23-26, 2015)

The Polish Bishops Conference gathers annually, before the beginning of each Advent season, in Częstochowa at Jasna Góra, the Shrine of Our Lady of Częstochowa – the Black Madonna, to take part in the retreatCzest01 of 150 Bishops. The spiritual exercises this year were offered by Fr. Andrzej S. Wodka C.Ss.R., President of the Alphonsian Academy in Rome, on the invitation of Archbishop S. Gądecki, the President of the Bishops Conference, when visiting the Academy in January this year.
The bishops have heard eight meditations, starting on Monday, November 23rd with the invocation of the Holy Spirit and the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The retreat was completed on Thursday, November 26th with a Mass in the Chapel of Our Lady of Częstochowa. On Wednesday, Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, President of the Bishops Conference, entrusted special candles for the 1050th Anniversary of the Baptism of Poland (966-2016) to all the bishops, who brought them to their own cathedrals.
Czest02The main theme of the retreat was taken from the Letter of St. Paul to the Colossians: “Put on heartfelt mercy” (induite visceras misericordiae – Col 3:12), in preparation to the imminent inauguration of the Special Jubilee Year of Mercy. To “put on heartfelt mercy” would mean to assume the merciful love of God, freely given, that is capable of transcending every offence and of building up its own culture of active empathy-sympathy with all God’s children. The meditations were also illumined by the Matthaean beatitude from the Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are the merciful” (Mt 5:7), which is the anthem of the World Youth Day in Kraków, Poland, next year.Czest03
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The retreat was structured in two parts. The first part focused on the mystery of Mercy, a reality flowing out from the Most Holy Trinity and becoming manifest in Jesus Christ’s life, word and work. The second part was dedicated to the works of Mercy, embracing its provocations, paradoxes end asymmetries in the Church’s life. Many references were made to Saint John Paul II’s encyclical Dives in misericordia, as well as to Pope Francis’ invitations to meet God’s mercy and offer it in the existential peripheries of human existence.

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Czest04Fr. Prof. Andrzej Wodka CSsR was born in 1959 in Borzęcin, Poland. In 1987 he joined the Redemptorists and after six years of study in Tuchów at the Major Seminary of the Province of Warsaw was ordained in 1985. He studied at the Pontifical Bible Institute, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and gained his doctorate at the Gregorian University in Rome. He is a professor of the biblical ethics at the Alphonsian Academy and since 2013 its President. His scientific interests are the theology of St. Paul, ethics, biblical anthropology and theology of the religious life. Mariusz Mazurkiewicz CSsR

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