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Alphonsian Academy


The program of studies for the 2nd (Licentiate) and 3rd (Doctoral) cycle in moral theology at the Alphonsian Academy is designed to respond to a more profound understanding of the mystery of salvation in Christ, and to the universally experienced need for higher studies. These studies will be conducted according Catholic doctrine as held by the Magisterium of the Church.

Therefore, it is necessary that the methodology in moral theology lead toward an exposition, based on sacred scripture, in a truly scientific manner, and in the light of the mystery of Christ, of the greatness of the vocation of the faithful in Christ and their obligation to bear fruit in charity for the life of the world. (Optatam totius, n. 16)

The specialization in moral theology of the Alphonsian Academy, as an Institute of higher research of moral doctrine, comprises two biennial cycles: one biennium for the 2nd cycle degree (The Licentiate) and one for the 3rd cycle degree (The Doctorate).