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Alphonsian Academy

The Institute

The Alphonsian Academy is a Graduate Institute of Moral Theology, founded in 1949 by the Redemptorists.

Since 1960 it has been incorporated into the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Lateran University and offers specialized study in moral theology.
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Alphonsian Academy

Inspired by St. Alphonsus M. de Liguori, who strove to renew moral theology in his time, and in harmony with the Magisterium of the Church, as expressed especially in the Second Vatican Council, the Alphonsian Academy seeks the fullest human and christian knowledge about humankind. Rooted always in the salvific Mystery of Christ the Redeemer, the Academy promotes the worth and meaning of human life by discerning the norm of human behaviour in the individual, in the family, in civil society and in religious faith.
All the students who have passed through the Academy give vital witness to the pastoral and doctrinal worth of the Institute.